Selecting long passages

How do you select a long passage that crosses line and/or page boundaries? Say for example the oboe part from the middle of the 4th line on page one to the end of the first line on page 2.

For now this is only possible by dragging a selection rectangle, but more practical and sophisticated methods are promised in the next update, as far as I understood (this was asked again and again these days)

I find that when copy/pasting passages that start with a pickup (unwantedly introduced by my improper use of Insert) trying to start the paste at the start of a measure introduces a phantom (short-metered) measure to contain the first (unwanted pickup) note. Is there a technique to prevent this?

If you change to Galley View, you can easily select one long passage without crossing pages / other instrument staves etc.

Hope that helps.


Did that. Still got the phantom measure with the pickup.

You’d have to ensure that you don’t include the time signature at the start of the selection, or the first barline if there’s no visible time signature.

Also if you switch to a lower zoom you can pick up bigger passages if you’re careful.