Selecting Midi With CC Data

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to select the midi with the CC data as shown in the Screenshot to move around the Editor while having the rest of the instruments there in the Editor?

The problem is that I have to move the selected instrument and then move the data with it one by one accordingly and that’s extremely bad for workflow. Is there a way around this process?

Thanks, Nicolas.

Maybe you mean this option?

Use the cog wheel on the icon bar to make it visible.


Not sure I fully understand what you’d like to select and move together.

If you mean you’d like to have all CC Lane data bound to individual notes rather than free floating on the time-line in a controller lane, which can subsequently cut/paste/moved/duration stretched-shrank, etc, and associated expression stuff moves with individual notes…then I believe the answer is yes.

The trick is to first convert channel CC lane data to ‘note expression’.

Now it’s stuck to any note(s) that were along that time-line.

I.E. You could move a note with old CC11 NE data attached for a crescendo effect somewhere else and the crescendo data would go with it. You could make copies of it and paste it elsewhere, and the NE data tags along for the ride. If you stretch or shrink the ‘length’ notes, the crescendo data will scale with it.

There are ways to convert tracks back and forth between using Note Expression format, or the old channel lane CC format.

While individual notes can each store their own expression data, not all instruments can play back for ‘independent notes’. Most will still apply something like CC11 across the entire channel in unison.

For instruments that can’t use true Note Expression (Channel CC only), things can still work. Just understand that if different notes overlap and something like CC11 ‘conflicts’ between the two notes with NE data, there are settings to have Cubase prioritize one, or average stacked sets of notes with different NE data together and send out a good old fashioned channel CC event.

It takes a little practice to get the hang of it, but it can be worth while to figure it out. Work with a clone of a track to begin with for safety.

For instruments that are not truly ‘note expression’ compatible, you might find yourself bouncing a track back and forth between NE and CC lanes. At least until you understand better how it works. Plus, it’s easier to get at stuff on a traditional channel controller lane with your MIDI Logical Editors.

Cubase also makes it pretty easy to clone spare tracks with nothing on it but your CC data and whatnot (preserve different states of your work for comparison in different formats and views).

Here’s a primer where I went into more detail on various methods to handle expression data. Maybe it will give you some ideas:


@Brian_Roland Thanks a lot for the detailed and thorough information, I wasn’t being very clear with what i wanted but @Johnny_Moneto hit the mark on what i wanted. Thanks again dear!