Selecting multiple bars of chords

I can’t find a good way to select multiple bars of chords. Shift-click on first and last doesn’t work.

Marquee select in galley view with zoom out ?

Hi Marc, that selects things I don’t want, due to inconsistent scrolling whilst dragging. I can’t even select a row of chords (in page view) then shift-drag the next row.
I’d also love a good way of selecting whole bars with everything attached to them. I think this is coming at some point.

Even with the filter > Notes and chords ?
That is why I was thinking about marquee select in galley view… In the early days of Dorico, it was the only efficient way to select a big section. I thought it could be the same with chords — until the Team implements THE great tool :wink:

What about multiple marquee selections while holding control?

Command-click on individual chords?

When you say, Steve, that it doesn’t work, what exactly is happening?

From my experience, if I select a chord of the highest instrument in the score at the start (of the bars in question), and the lowest at the end, they all become selected and can be changed/deleted/edited.

Could something else be going on?

What about Galley view?

Multiple marquee selections holding command works, but no auto-scroll in galley view so it involves an easy to cock up method of zooming in/out. Filtering only chords works, but added to the multiple selection this all feels far more fiddly than it should.
It’s actually quicker command clicking them one at a time.