Selecting multiple layouts

Please excuse a very basic question, but I have been ploughing through PDFs and videos for a solution, in vain!.. In Create New Tab mode, how do you multiple select layouts ? Instead of having to create a new tab for each layout one by one, which is very slow. Where it says ‘Or select a layout from the list’ is there no way of highlighting more than one layout? I’ve tried various key combinations without success. Thanks for any answers or workarounds for this.

AFAIK you cannot. Further, why would you want to? The more layouts you have open, the slower Dorico will run, since every open layout is recalculated for a change that you make in one.

If you want to work quickly and efficiently with different groups of instruments, you’re better off setting up appropriate filters in galley view.

Hi Janus and thanks for your quick reply, which answers my question. I hadn’t realised that more tabs will slow down Dorico. I shall follow your advice re. setting up filters! best wishes