Selecting Multiple Tracks and Assigning Outputs

Hey all,

Am I right in saying that in Cubase 6 and before, you could select multiple channels, hold down Alt and then go to Routing and select where you wanted those selected tracks to go?

When I try to do it in C8, the following example has just happened.

Five channels, side by side, need to go to a GTR Group. I highlight, Alt and select the GTR GRP channel. There is also a Tom GRP channel beside the GTR one and an Overhead GRP a few channels previous. What ended up happening (consistently) is that:

GTR2 --> Tom GRP
GTR3 --> Overhead GRP
GTR5 --> Tom GRP

Am I missing something?


The fact you are missing is that the modifier keys have changed since V 6.

So, what is the advantage of the distribution of multiple tracks to a number of outputs?
Any situations where that would be essential?

you mean assigning different tracks to consecutive outputs?
Imagíne someone mixing via an external Desk or something. And the same applies to someone recording via an external desk and probably more than one or two channels…?

Select the channels, press (and hold) Alt + Shift and assign desired output.

Is there a way to set consecutive outputs or midi channels to a selection of track? Like MIDI In 1 through MIDI In 16 on sixteen MIDI tracks?