Selecting non adjacent staves

Sometimes I really stumble over simple things in Dorico. In my choir score I want the tenor and the soprano to swap voices. There is a keyboard command for that. But I just can’t manage to select a longer passage. How do I proceed if I want to swap 16 bars now? All my attempts end with the alto voice being selected in between. What was very easy in Sibelius (with control click), I just can’t do in Dorico. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to select non-adjacent staves?

Okay, I have found a solution myself, but it is not really optimal yet. I select the passage in one voice (soprano) and then have to add the other voice (tenor) bar by bar with a command-click in the empty space of each bar. That’s sometimes not that easy. The functionality of Sibelius was much better. But maybe some of you have a better solution.

You could make the staves adjacent in Setup mode, do the swap in Write mode and then move the staves back again in Setup mode?

Dear Jürg,
Build a soprano and tenor layout (that’s about 3s time), do whatever you need in that layout (very clean, only two staves) and get rid of it once it’s no use.

Well, thank you both, but that doesn’t do what I meant. While composing or arranging, I often swap voices to try different voicings, and rarely are they on adjacent staves. The example with soprano and tenor was actually just an example. Of course I could go into setup mode and place the staves side by side or I could create a layout for just one singer/instrument pair, but these are workarounds for a task I often need. So in Marc’s solution, I would end up with a lot of redundant layouts just to exchange phrases between staves, and with Andy’s suggestion, I’m constantly switching between setup and write mode, always rearranging the order of the instruments. But selecting things on non-adjacent staves to swap the content was so easy in this other familiar program … So I stick with my solution because it’s still faster than your tips.

But thanks anyhow!

Select first staff with any method you want
Select the non adjacent staff with ctrl+mouse drag (multiple times if you need)
Use the swap command.
Does this do the trick?

slightly quicker: click at beginning of first staff, shift-click at end. ctrl+ drag mouse for the second as above. I find that works perfectly OK, including if you need to go onto a new page to add more as providing you press ctrl each time, nothing is lost.

You actually can do that:
Select the middle voice(s) you dont want to select (in your example, the first 16 bars of alto voice, but if you want to swap soprano and bass you select both tenor 16bars and alto voice 16bars)
Hold Ctrl/Cmd for the rest of this instruction
Click on first note of soprano voice
Additionally hold Shift (still holding Ctrl)
Click on note after 16bars in tenor voice

It works because if you select something in Dorico and then Strg-Select an area of something else, all notes selected for the second time get toggled off again (like a switch).
Best regards

Edit: Its even quicker than I first wrote it :smiley:
Select middle voices you dont want to select until 16 bars
Click on first note of soprano voice

  • Shift-Hold
    Click on first note (!) of tenor voice
    Just realized the first note of soprano is not selected, so you have to Ctrl-Select it again. So now it actually feels like a hack and is not that smooth overall :neutral_face: but still pretty fast I guess