Selecting note(s) and hit - or + sometimes work, most of the time doesn't

Hey everyone, as the title says …
I did only recently discover that I could just select an already written note and hit - or + to make it flat or sharp. However … most of the time it does not work.

Edit: Could it be related to the Tonality System? I just checked … in a 12tet score, it works … in 24tet it doesn’t …

P.S.: Dorico 4 = Awesome

Yes, I find this is the case. It is not clear what + and – ought to do in another system.

You may find it easier to use Alt-Shift-Up/Down to repitch a note by a chromatic step - that will work in any tonality system.

Actually not at all, since in the majority of cases I have to respell the note afterwards.

And it’s a bit counterintuitive to press Alt-Shift-Up and in most cases end up with a flat pitch (be it in 12tet or anything else) and vice versa.

Yes, respelling “upwards” commonly results in a flat accidental but a raised note: e.g. G# rising to Ab, because A is a higher note than G.

If you have Dorico 4 the new Write->Respell->Respell notes automatically is great.


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