Selecting notes in chords

I’m having trouble selecting individual notes inside chords. The behavior is somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes I will click on a note and it will select the one note, and sometimes it will select two notes in the chord. I know that you can click on the stem to select all the notes in the chord, that’s not what I am talking about. I am clicking on the note heads and it randomly will select either one or two of the notes in the chord (although it doesn’t seem to ever select more than two). Is this a known bug?

Selecting things at low zoom levels can be hard, because the click areas for things like noteheads are padded, and when they overlap, you can end up selecting two adjacent items. It’s not a bug, as such, but it’s certainly not optimal and we hope to be able to improve this in relatively short order.

Ah that makes sense. Zooming in does help a bit.

A related question to this, I’m trying to select notes in chords using just the computer keyboard. If for instance I have a triad and I have focus on the middle note, I hold shift and press up then the entire chord gets selected when I only want the two top notes. Same thing happens if I press down. Is there a way to just extend selection up by note increments? Would be great if extending selection left and right also preserved chord voice selection (selecting all top two notes in a series of triads).

Not yet, I’m afraid, but this is a good idea, and we’ll look into it in future.

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+1 for that. I’m having the same difficulties.
Are they any updates about this?

@dspreadbury Clicking the red point chooses the single note, clicking the blue spot chooses the entire chord. Both of these are inside the same note head. This is little confusing and unintuitive. I frequently select whole chords by mistake. Can this be improved? Maybe selection of the chord could be done by clicking between the notes (vertically)? (just an idea)

Hi. That thread is really old and many things have changed in selecting stuff in Dorico since Dorico 1…
Selection of the chord in Write mode is by clicking on the stem.
If you need to select a specific note, click on the note with cmd+alt+shift as many times as needed, the selection will cycle amongst the possible selectable objects.

Up/down arrows also move between the notes of a chord.

As explained above, it’s still pretty difficult to select either the note or the stem, since click points on the note itself are actually selecting the stem, but I guess I’ll figure it out with more practice :man_shrugging:

That doesn’t work, it just enter write mode as it triggers double click.

Yes, but the author mentioned he wanted to use the keys to add notes to the selection, but pressing SHIFT adds the entire chord.

I know it’s an old post but seems like the issues it describes are still present in Dorico 4.

I do not recall saying anything about holding down SHIFT. :thinking:

Ok, so you’re talking about selection in Engrave mode ?
In any case cmd (ctrl on pc)-alt-shift-click should cycle through selectable items, not produce a double click.

Any progress with this problem? I find it fiddly and frustrating not being able to select specific ranges of notes in chords with any reliability. The zooming thing helps, but slows down workflow a bit… would rather there’s a way of selecting a specifc starting note once (with the mouse if necessary), then using modified up/down arrow keys to extend the selection in some controlled way, one note at a time. Currently, using e.g. shift-up arrow with a first note selected, it selects not only the whole of the other notes in the chord, but any dynamics attached etc. Sometimes that’s what I want… but sometimes I just want the next note above, nothing more!

Welcome to the forum, Adrian. I agree it would be handy to be able to extend the selection within a chord using only the keyboard, but we’re pretty much out of modifier combinations at this point!

Hello, is it possible to shift-up/down to add one more note to chord selection yet? :smiley: I’m still on 3.1 so very out of date.

It’s the one thing that takes my hands off the keyboard the most when tidying up music I’ve played in.

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Nope, there is still no way to do this without clicking.