Selecting notes in note entry mode

Apologies for what I think is probably a basic question, but I cannot seem to find the answer to this: How does one select a note in the step note entry mode once you have moved past that note? For example, when I enter notes with the MIDI keyboard, I sometimes move along and then realize I want to respell an accidental two notes before the current one (and Dorico sometimes makes changes to accidentals as I go, so I don’t know how it will spell the note until I’m past it). Do I have to exit the note entry mode, cursor over (or select with the mouse), make the change, and then re-enter the step entry mode?

You can use Shift+Left arrow to select the most recent note AND the ones before it while remaining in Input mode, but to select only a note before the most recent one, you do indeed have to exit Note Input mode.

Ok, thank you for the info. I hope this is something the developers will look into.

I’m not sure it would be realistic, to be honest. Left arrow already moves the caret one click on the rhythmic grid, and Ctrl-Left arrow moves the caret to the previous downbeat! What key command would be intuitive that’s not already spoken for?

We’re unlikely to change this. It’s very quick to go in and out of note input mode using Shift+N.

True, it is easy to go in and out of note input mode. However, since Dorico respells accidentals as you go based on notes you input afterward, music that is highly chromatic requires a lot of going in and out of note entry mode to fix the accidentals. I do appreciate the intelligent accidental feature, and I know that it can be turned off, but it is extremely useful in many cases. But there are also many other cases – within the same piece of music – in which I find I still have to respell things.

Perhaps most people do not mind this. But it would be nice to have the option at least to assign a key command. Anyhow, just my personal preference. Maybe I’ll get used to it.

Thanks, all.

FWIW, if I’m unsure that Dorico might change the spelling of the previously entered note, I manually change it, and then back again (Alt =, Alt -). Then Dorico won’t change the spelling, no matter what I enter as the following note.

I tend to do a ‘second pass’ for all things that aren’t notes, and that also includes spellings and hiding/showing accidentals, etc.

Thanks benwiggy. I may go with the “second pass” idea, since I think it will probably be more efficient overall.

I hadn’t considered the double-switch to lock in the accidental. I’ll try that, too. I reprogrammed the key commands to respell accidentals as “/” and “*” on my number pad since I use them so much! Plus, I’m an old Finale user and it helps me to have those in reach as I do with Finale.