Selecting notes with mousepad on Ipad

Hello for some reason I am unable to click, hold and drag to select multiple notes/measures in Dorico on Ipad. Does anyone have any clue why this is? I even tried to press H on the keyboard to switch between the drag and select tool, but this did not work

Thanks a lot

Hi, and welcome to the Forum! The way I select multiple notes on the iPad is to first select a single note, then, on the top menu bar you’ll see 2 little box like icons; one has a + at the bottom right, the next has an arrow at the bottom. So, click the little box with the arrow, and then click the last note you want in your selection. You’ll see they all turn orange. Then, deselect the box. You can now move them up and down, copy and paste etc.

It’s possible to draw a marquee round the notes too, by pressing and holding until a selection box appears; you can then drag it around whatever notes you need. You mustn’t release your finger until you’ve selected your notes, or else the selection box will disappear. I’ve tried doing this with a knock-off Apple pencil but it didn’t work - maybe a real one would.

Hope this helps,

Wow thanks a lot.! I did not realize that you had to hold down the track pad for the selection box to show up.