Selecting Signposts Only

How do I select signposts only? I imported a midi file that has a bunch of tempo changes that aren’t necessary for the score. How do I select only the signposts to delete without also selecting the notes that are nearby?

Hi sunny 16.
The fastest way to select signposts of a kind would be to select one, cmd-shift-a (select more) twice and they should all be selected.
If the location of the signpost is crowded, you can shift-alt-click the zone and the selection will cycle around the different objects in that zone.
Hope this helps!

MarcLarcher’s method will select either all the changes in one system, or all in the flow. Another way is to select any region of the score, then Edit > Filter < All tempos, or one of the other tempo options next to that in the menu.

Great, thanks Marc & Rob!