Selecting Slash Regions and notes beneath

An occasionally frustrating behavior I’m encountering with Slash Regions: It seems that selecting slash regions only selects the region itself, and not any underlying notes. Is there a way to select a slash region AND the underlying notes?

A couple situations where this is problematic:

  • I can’t copy-and-paste slash regions with custom playback underneath, b/c the playback notes don’t get pasted. I have to delete each of the regions, copy-and-paste the playback notes, then re-create the regions each time
  • I can’t transpose a whole flow by using CMD+A and the Write > Transpose command, since it doesn’t touch notes underneath a slash region. As far as I can tell, I have to delete each of the slash regions in the flow, manually transpose the playback notes underneath, then re-create all of the regions again.

Let me know if I’m missing something (and I hope I am!), b/c otherwise these are some rather unfortunate workflows.

As always, loving Dorico, keep up the great work!

I’m not in front of Dorico right now but I have a feeling you are missing something: slash regions have a property called “show other voices”. Turn it on and you should successfully be able to complete each of the example tasks you’ve listed. Bear in mind that you should be able to Select All, Filter Slash Regions then set this property (whether on or off) for them all in one go.

Amazing, you’re absolutely right pianoleo! This still feels a bit unintuitive to me (I’m not sure why it’s useful to have CMD+A not select everything in the document, visible or not), but I’ll take a few extra clicks of workaround in a pinch.

Many thanks!