Selecting track applies left pan of +2?


For some reason Cubase is applying a pan of +2L every time I click on a track. If I click a different track and return, it will keep applying +2L until it is panned hard left. When I try to center a track with ctrl + left click, it will only go as far as 2L. Centering an unselected track works fine.

I was messing with metagrid and macros a couple of weeks ago… What have I done??


Could you try to disable preferences in the Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

2nd issue. Safe Mode won’t start for me. When I press ctrl + shift + alt while the application loads, I get a generic project loading menu (not the normal splash screen), but not the safe mode dialogue…


Then you have to press the keys earlier, please.

Got it -
The issue is fixed in a new project while my preferences are disabled in start mode.

How might I go about fixing this issue?


Then deleting the preferences would fix it permanently.

Thanks for the help.
Is it possible to troubleshoot the preferences and find a fix, or is it just a bug that needs to be wiped by deleting everything?


I’m not aware of a preferences settings, which would do this. If you don’t want to delete all preferences, you could try to delete only specific preferences files one by one. I would start with the defaults.xml and RAMpresets.xml. Most probably the issue is in one of these files. At the other hand, these two files include the most of the settings, so you will lose some of your custom settings. At the other hand, for example your Key Commands remain.