selecting zones via midi

sometimes enabling the selecting zones via midi option doesnt do anything and to select zone i have to click on them to edit them.

this happens more often when loading programs created in halion3 but it can happen with programs created in h4.
further, its not consistent to the programs loaded ie sometimes when loading a specific program it works as supposed to, another time it doesnt.

has anyone found whats causing this and a workaround? it can be very tedious when editing multiple zones.

did anyone besides me even encounter this?

Did not notice this phenomenon at all.

Can you make a screen video about it and share its link?

im still having the same problem and not yet seen whats causing it. right now i have the same program loaded in slot 1,3 and 6. in slot 1 and 6 i cant select zones via midi but in slot3 it works.

i often can change patches around and get it to work but i havent seen any clear pattern what causes is and if i edit lots of zones and dont get it to work its a real pain to have to have a “mapping window” open and click manually.

again id be grateful for any input on this.

Sorry, I can’t help as I’ve never had this problem. It might be a good idea to post your setup (OS, DAW, etc) in your signature.

thanks whirly for your concern, ive updated my sig

after five years (of being alone in the world with this problem)i think i might have found whats causing this -

if a program is loaded in another slot (maybe specifically in a slot above the one in which im trying to edit the program), zone selecting via midi wont work. please someone thank me for this, i want to do i myself, but cant.