Selection anomalies

The piece I am using to learn Dorico was originally done in Encore, then imported into Finale, edited, parts added, then saved to MusicXML and imported into Dorico. Because the piece contained first and second endings, not currently supported in Dorico, I am extending it to its full length, editing lyrics and separating out choral parts, one voice per stave.

I’ve run into an issue. I’m doing this by marquis selecting a group of notes from one of the parts in Galley view, then cutting and pasting them elsewhere. I’ve run into the issue where sometimes a barline here or there will get cut along with the group of notes. Never many. The first time this happened, I spent some confused time trying to delete two redundant (or so I thought) half rests from a 4/4 measure already containing a whole note. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Normally it’s harmless for barlines to be selected as part of a marquee selection (though we intend to change it such that barlines won’t get selected unless they are barlines that correspond to an actual time signature or special barline), but in the event that a barline actually does have a time signature attached to it – which may be invisible, and in the current version it’s impossible to tell by looking at it – then it will be copied and pasted if it was selected. I suspect that you do have a hidden time signature lurking in your selection and that’s what causes this behaviour.

In the first update, hidden time signatures will show as signposts (the same way that e.g. system and frame breaks show), so it will be much more obvious that some barlines are different in nature from other ones.

Thanks, Danial.