Selection in Write Mode doesn't show in Key Editor

I can’t seem to figure out why the notes I select in Write Mode are not highlighted in the Key Editor. In addition, the linking feature seems to work in the opposite way it was intended. I will select 2 bars in write mode, and when I hit the link button, it will zoom out to 16 bars. This is a new issue for me, but I can’t seem to find options in any menu where I may have disabled or created the problem myself.

Would love some help with this! Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, @daveisx. It should be the case that when you activate linked mode in the Key Editor toolbar, the editor will be zoomed such that the music on the system where you have something selected will fit into the width of the Key Editor. If your system has 16 bars on it, then, that’s what I would expect to be happening.

So it doesn’t zoom to what is selected? Sure, if it’s only zooming to the system, then that makes sense. But I thought its function was to highlight the selection. I’m still not seeing my selections in Write Mode appear in the Key Editor. Even when selecting one-multiple notes in Write Mode, I still have to go into the Key Editor and select everything there before editing the velocity or other parameters.

if linked mode (the icon with the chain) isn’t highlighted when you first open the key editor then it often won’t synchronize and you may need to engage linked mode then select the appropriate selection from the score again to get it to kick in initially. Until I got used to it, I sometimes found it didn’t work quite as expected.

I’m sorry. The zoom feature isn’t really the problem, and honestly, it was a misunderstanding on my part of what the feature entailed. My main issue was that when I make selections in the write mode window, it doesn’t make the same selection in the key editor window. I just need to know what preferences I need to change or how to get this functionality back. @dspreadbury

Okay @dspreadbury, to be more specific, it seems to be an issue with percussion staves only. I’m attaching two screenshots so you can see what I’m seeing. I have a snare drum stave, and multiple notes selected, and no selection is showing in the key editor. But keyboards or melodic instruments work just fine.

Percussion is not really handled in the Key Editor at the moment: one of the two remaining editors from Dorico 3.5 that still needs to be reimplemented in Dorico 4 is the drum/percussion editor, which we are working on at the moment. This will make its return in our next Dorico 4 update. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thank you. All I needed to know. I’m just pretty eager to be using Dorico, but I have to keep falling back on Sibelius in order to get my work accomplished in a timely manner. Looking forward to making the switch one of these days!