Selection is not reliable


In dorico 3.5 I was used to quickly click a note (or something else) in Write mode and pressing P for playback from the selected element.

In Dorico 4 this “quick click & play” is no more reliable. Most of the time when P key is detected, playback starts from the current element before the click. I have to wait a bit after the click before pressing P to obtain a reliable playback.

Sometime the drag-selection outline is engaged and follows the mouse (really I use the mac trackpad) while playback started, even if the mouse button is gone up.

My feeling is the the drag-start gesture animation is causing a delay in detecting a quick click.

Generally speaking changing the selection is very quick, particularly if you are selecting just a single item, but do make sure that you have seen the selection change before you hit P. I must say that I’ve had no problems with this, but perhaps I naturally wait a quarter of a second or something after clicking before I hit P.

Yes, if I wait a little bit this problem doesn’t occur.