Selection <> Playing inconsistency

When I select a range in a waveform, it isn’t always sure that “What You See Is What You Get”.
I often find myself selecting ranges which play a longer portion (never shorter) than selected.
Please refer to this explaining video on my Dropbox:

Any help or workaround welcome.
Thanks, Niek/ Amsterdam

I noticed a similar behaviour. I have a short audio clip that should loop.

I select it, make time locators, and enable cycle. It plays and loops OK.
Then I copy this clip and move it before and after the clip I have. So in effect making 3 perfectly adjecent copies. In theory, when I hit play, still with the time selection enabled and in cycle mode, I should not hear any difference. But at the loop point when the cursor jumps back, I now hear a noticeable click. Meaning it takes some samples from the adjecent clips into account and mixes them in. Meaning the playhead is not precise or something.

Yeah, I saw your thread on this forum a couple of days ago, but I thought you “solved” it by removing the HPF from the “input stage” ?
Anyway, you clearly point out that the playhead isn’t always playing what it shows…I think I can certainly state that the playhead plays more and never less, so there is a thing for Steinberg to investigate.
With my client sitting next to me it looks very silly that my DAW plays a larger selection than I actually selected…

Thanks, Niek.

Yes, I solved the issue of files not looping. But during testing I did that “3 files one after another” test with the cycle region and noticed the clicks during normal playback, when files were adjecent to each other - as opposed to just one file selected in a cycle region. And that’s what I meant, that, in a different case from yours, I noticed the playhead not playing accurately what’s selected. Just to acknowledge that I, too, think there’s something fishy.

If you base a part of your edit operations and decisions on your ears, you start messing with the selection, cutting parts out that are too short or inaccurate. That means you cannot trust the playhead and what you hear.

I remember a year or so back, when I edited really really short sounds (short laser blasts), with short fades to avoid clicks in the audio, that I could hear them as they were supposed to sound in the arrange window, but when I exported them, the fades did not get rendered. The sounds clicked and popped. Another example of Nuendo outputting something else than what you see / what you hear. I don’t know if this is related or if it has been fixed since (I didn’t have to create such short sounds since then). But a strange feeling remains that you cannot trust what you see and hear in the arrange window vs. when played vs. when exported.

The issue described by the OP depends on your audio interface latency. If you set ASIO guard to High, you’ll notice that more of the audio past your selection is played. This is ONLY a playback issue, and doesn’t affect exports or anything else, like copy and paste.

I lowered my ASIO Guard from High, first to Normal, which shortened -indeed- the portion which is played back beyond my selection. But even still when my ASIO Guard is on Low it plays a portion (although shorter) beyond my selection…
And even lowering the buffer size of my Metric Halo Aggregate Device (MH2882+ULN8) from 2048 to 512 didn’t help unfortunately.
Gladfully; it is only a playback issue, but still very silly when my client and I hear something I didn’t select…

Unfortunately I’m sharing ChrisPolus’ experiences : … I noticed the playhead not playing accurately what’s selected. …I think there’s something fishy… you cannot trust what you see and hear in the arrange window…

I can confirm neither Logic nor ProTools nor Mixbus (all on my system) expose this -silly- behaviour.