Selection Shortcut not available (?)

Hi there,
I record a whole lot on Cubasis and need to edit tracks ever more subsequently.
My arm (and soul) is tired from having to select the selection button (in the top corner ) manually, I work with a keyboard and habe been referred to the shortcut list in the past, needless to mention there is no shortcut listed for the selection tool. The shortcuts cannot be customized. My hope is now, that I’m an idiot and have somehow missed it (or that it’s hidden). Please help?
Another tool that would be helpful is a selection tool which selects everything to the right on the track to not have to zoom out every time you want to select a larger chunk.

Looking forward to your feedback,

I have answered this same question on YouTube

Hi Jamie,
Any chance you can give me a YouTube link :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry dude, I didn’t know you were the Same people….I went all out this time . :slight_smile:

This is what he wrote :

Hello my friend. I’m afraid I don’t have a keyboard for the iPad so I know nothing of the shortcuts. I know what you mean about the selection tool - when you’re doing this kind of editing you do have to press it an awful lot. Have you suggested adding a shortcut over at the Steinberg forum?

Here’s a list of all Cubasis content at my channel.

Thanks Jamie,

To answer your question :

Yes it was Lars who answered. He sent me this answer (ignoring that there’s no such shortcut for the most basic tool in the screenshot he added )…my screenshot attached:

Thanks for that, but any chance you can narrow down the selection for me by suggesting a particular link otherwise I will be watching YouTube until this time next week lol

Yes. What would you like to learn about Cubasis?

The main subject of this topic was the exclusion of the select tool shortcut, you replied saying
“I have answered this same question on YouTube”
It was the link to this particular subject of keyboard shortcuts :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I see. As you’ll see in this thread though, I don’t have a keyboard for iOS, I prefer to use touchscreen. So I haven’t made a video on shortcuts. When I said I had replied on YouTube, the OP posted an identical post to the one he made here as a comment on one of my Cubasis videos. So, I replied as a comment - and that comment has been copied and pasted into this conversation.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up and saving me from going through all your many videos looking for the select tool shortcut section - not that it would have been a bad thing…… I probably would learn a lot more if I did :beers: