selective emphasis of treble

I am aware that if you jack up the treble for a song with wavlab, you jack up all the treble points, such as the “s” sound in lyrics as well as the cymbals, just like when you turn up the treble knob on a stereo.

However, I was wondering whether wavlab allows you to select and emphasize only treble signals within the mix that meet a certain sonic frequency, so that, for example, the resulting equalization only causes the cymbal crashes to stand out more, not the lyrics. I realize the mixing of the song means the signal to be emphasized can never be perfectly isolated, but is there such a program that can attempt something like this?

I am assuming the the sonic signature of the treble in a cymbal crash is sufficiently different from treble created when the singer used words beginning or ending in “s”, that a software program would be able to tell the difference and increase one without increasing the other. Thanks in advance.