Selective Hiding of Empty Staves

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently editing a work for voice and piano with 3 flows, and I’m trying to hide empty voice staves in only one section of the 2nd flow. I’ve gone through the layout options, but the “Hide Empty Staves” selection hides empty staves from the entire project.

Is it currently possible to only hide empty staves only in a specified section of a single flow? I haven’t been able to find any information, despite my best efforts.

Welcome to the forum, VAOMusik. It’s not currently possible to selectively enable or disable hiding of empty staves for individual flows or passages within flows. You will need to enable it for the whole project and then insert something like a text item with whitespace in it to persuade Dorico to show the staff in that system.

We are of course planning a feature to provide greater control over this in a future version.

Great to know, thank you.

This what I am looking for as well. I need to hide empty staves of one single instrument just in one of 15 flows. Not a great way to edit all others 14 flows for that.

One way around this would be to exclude all the other players from the hide empty staves setting.

Alternatively, you could export the single flow to a new project and insert a page number changed so it is in the correct sequence. This would require reassembling the PDF in another program once you’re done with both files of course.