Self record MIDI track

Greetings everyone.
Would it be possible to record the MIDI signal of a VSTi on a instrument track to its own timeline?
I´m running a reason rack instrument (thor) which has an internal step sequencer and i trying to keep that sequence on a MIDI event to bypass the internal step sequencer.
What would be a good way of doing this ?

I tried inserting a MIDI fx , the MIDI monitor, but this plugin only capture notes sequenced on events in the timeline, not those coming from the Thor sequencer or other midi track.

Some VSTi’s, but not all, will create a new MIDI source when they are loaded. For example if I look at the available MIDI Sources on my system it might show 5 choices. But then if I load up an instance of Groove Agent and then look at the available MIDI Sources there will now be 6 - with the newest one being from GA.

So load up your VSTi and see if it created a MIDI Source.

Thanks for your reply.
Im not aware of the MIDI source, could you give a screenshot please ? Thanks.

OK, I’m using Groove Agent as an example for this because A) It exhibits the behavior B) I have in on my PC

This 1st screenshot shows all the MIDI In sources on my system just after launching Cubase.

Now after I add another Track with Groove Agent on it you can see there are now 4 additional MIDI In sources - one for each of the 4 GA Kits.

Thanks for your time.
That is indeed true for groove agent and for sure for many other VSTis. Not the case with the Reason rack plugin. I dont think this plugin is sending any MIDI data out. just receiving .

But i learned something new today, i can record the MIDI data from other VSTi´s into MIDI tracks, can come handy at some point.

Thanks for your help.

I think there is another technique folks use that involves “MIDI/Merge MIDI In Loop…” but I’m not really familiar with it. Probably worth looking up in the Manual.

Ok, i managed to make it happen, finally.
Using the built in Reason rack plugin MIDI out device ( a user in the reason forum told it would work) i set the “step sequencer CV output NOTE” to the MIDI out device CV1 and the “step sequencer CV out GATE/VELOCITY” to “MIDI out GATE”
I created a new midi track and set the input of that track to the reason rack plugin.

Hopefully this thread can help other users reaching for the same.

The notes are all the same when recorded into a new midi track! is not matching the notes on the step sequencer!


Sounds like you might be getting the trigger notes and not the sequences those notes trigger.

Unfortunately I don’t currently have Reason functioning on my DAW or I could explore it more (PC failed & replacement hasn’t arrived).

Thanks Raino.

Have read this manual section on the MIDI Out Device

Thats the method i tested and its only sending one note, not all :confused:

According to the docs you should be able to get the MIDI out from the Instrument. I suspect something is not set correctly in Reason.

I knew …i was doing something wrong, so…ehehe
The main problem was that i was routing incorrectly Thor´s step sequencer into the MIDI out device.

Note (from thor sequencer out) to CV (MIDI out - sequencer control)
Gate / velocity (Step sequencer CV out) to Gate ( MIDI out - sequencer control)
Like this i can record all the step sequencer notes into a separate midi track.