Self Test

Could it be possible to have the ability to set up Performer on a 'Laptop, and have Connect running on another computer to be able to test and set things up on the same network… instead of having to rely on someone else to connect to you on a different network.

… VST Connect PRO has LAN functions. But I guess you want to test a real connection? Do you have a mobile phone? This phone should not be connected to your WLAN. Then start Tethering to it. Computer A is connected to your private network and Computer B is connected to our mobile phone.

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Tried that but it comes up with faults :confused:

… can you please give us some more hints? Did you installed the latest version : Download version here

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No it was, I have just downloaded version
could I do that with this version? the link you gave is to a PDF file theres no other version available on the Steinberg site other than

you may need to update the website

update what website?

I managed to tether the Laptop and got Connect and Performer running - not an easy task getting them to ‘talk’ to each other but I managed.
The only thing I don’t understand is that I had the three channels off - VST1, Mic, Instrument, yet I could still hear my guitar etc in the cans’ it made no difference? it could only be turned down by the Master but also everything else went down with it? how can this be corrected please?

To play back tracks do I have to set them up like this - Input VST Connect, Output Stereo 1+2 and then use the VST Mixer to re-mix the levels etc…

The faders in the VST Connect Plugin set monitoring for the Performer, what he or she hears. Nothing will change on your end when you mess with these, but the Performer side may lack signals if you just poke around. The idea is that the Performer can be hands-free, you determine what he or she hears by adjusting these and the cue mix.

The pots above those faders (RECORDING) determine the stereo mix of those channels sent by the Performer, that is, what you hear and record in the stereo mix. Also individual record enables can be engaged there for recording on the Performer side (up to 16) with the PRO version and later retreived in fill resolution.