Selling a cubase elements 8 full digital activation code

So I’ve used cubase a little bit but don’t really have any use for it now.
I have run the resell wizard and it says the code should activate the program and register it to you as it’s not registered on my account or on any of my devices anymore.


Do you mean you have not entered the activation code in the Elicenser Control app?

Activation codes can be used once, once used, licenses can only be sold if they are on a dongle.

Buyer and seller should both read this:

oh, I installed it with the code but it just worked so i didn’t think anything of any licensing, the laptop it was on had it’s hard drive blanked so I don’t know if I could transfer anything onto the usb licencer

In any case, in order to sell it you have to sort that out. Install Elicenser, and do the reactivation via your account at

The only way to purchase a used copy of that software is with a license on a USB elicenser.

Ah okay, thankyou.