Selling dongle on to third party after purchase!

So just over two months ago I bought Cubase 7.5 and have now decided to study Sound Engineering but to my distraught have discovered that both the Diploma and Degree require you to have an up to date copy of Protools, since it’s the industry standard DAW. Now I’m in this predicament as I can’t send Cubase back as the 60 day return policy is up, so my only other alternative is to sell it on to a third party. Does anyone know if the registration information on the dongle can be changed into another name? Am I able to sell the Software with my dongle which holds the current licenses for Le 6, Cubase 7 and 7.5? I originally upgraded from LE6. I like Cubase but sadly can’t use it in my studies. :cry:

Friend of mine bought a 2nd hand SX3 licence (with/on a dongle) a long while back and got registration transferred very easily through support with Steinberg. So it can be done, method may have changed by now though!

If you have more than one licence on the dongle I believe you could purchase another dongle and transfer the licences between them using the elicencer software.

But then again, why not keep the licence for when you’ve graduated? I have latest licences for Cb and PT because they are both used by many people in the industry and so I end up getting my hands on both at various times.

BTW, how much would be selling it for, I may be interested… Although I’m probably more interested in an Essentials licence rather than another full version due to even the 2nd hand price! PM me if you have a figure in mind please.


What Mike said… and to follow up, Steinberg actually provides an online “Wizard” you can use to make sure it works smoothly. it’s at

If the link doesn’t work you can just google steinberg resale wizard

Thanks Guys!

In response to Mike I’ll be selling it for 420 euro’s since I’ve only had It for a short period of time. The only thing I can’t resell is the short demos of a few instruments I got free with my purchase. I’m afraid I just have a license for the full version 7.5. I need to sell it because I don’t have any money to buy Protools lol.

I use both cubase 7.5 and pro tools 11 HD :slight_smile: