Selling my 'migrated' GA5 license


I bought Absolute 5 and want to sell my previoulsy bought Groove Agent 5 license which is now useless.
But looking at the Resale wizard, I see that actually the licenses migrated to the new Steinberg licensing could only be sold with the e-licenser attesting that the license has been migrated ???

eLicenser-based licenses after upgrade to

Steinberg Licensing-based license

eLicenser-based licenses that have been upgraded to a Steinberg Licensing license may not be sold separately from the corresponding Steinberg Licensing license.
In the eLicenser Control Center, such licenses are marked with this addition:
(Upgraded to […] with Steinberg Licensing)
Example: After an update from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12, the eLicenser-based Cubase 11 license is inseparable from the Steinberg Licensing-based Cubase 12 license.

Sorry but this looks stupid or I do not understand ?
Why this migrated licenses need the elicenser to be sold ???

Did you do a Crossgrade from Groove Agent to Absolute?

I assume your Groove Agent is now marked as being upgraded, as described in that Support article. In this case you can not sell Groove Agent anymore separately, which is what the text of that Support article describes. It is tied to the new Absolute license.

Sorry but you missed my point : I bought GA5 years ago and more recently bought Absolute 5, 2 different products, Absolute 5 is not a crossgrade from GA5.

Ok, I thought you did a crossgrade, because that is what the Support article is talking about.

If your Groove Agent is still on the eLicenser, without the upgrade hint, you need to sell it, as described, with the eLicenser. That is the place where the license is stored and you are only selling a license.

If that is a problem, due to other products on that eLicenser, you probably need to talk to Steinberg directly.

I see that you are trying to help, but unfortunately you don’t understand what I wrote : My GA5 is migrated to the new licensing system and I don’t need the elicenser to use it.

And even, concerning the crossgrade to Absolute, I am quite certain you are not true.
People crossgrading from HALion for exemple could sell their previous existing HALion license now being a duplicate instrument.

Sorry again but I would appreciate more accurate answers for selling process of my migrated GA5.

Ok, I asked you if you crossgraded the license, but you did change it to the new licensing system. That is a different thing, but it doesn’t make a difference. The license is tied to the eLicenser and that is what the Support article says.

Crossgrade might be different, you did just a change of licensing system.

You need to talk to Steinberg in that case, as I already mentioned. This is a user forum.

I know this … being a Steinberg user from many years ago and using these forums under various accounts through the time :wink:

Can you post a screenshot of your elicenser so it’s clear what you have and what you’re asking?

My description is clear enough to understand when reading carefully, but if it could help here is a picture of my licenses on e-licenser

and the ones in the Steinberg licensing :

How to sell GA5 which has been migrated/upgraded to the new licensing.
Is it more clear ?

no problem.

Thanks but could you develop if you really have experienced it, because, as stated in my first post

Hi @csurieux,

perhaps you can open a support ticket in order to ask Steinberg if they’d be willing to change your USB dongle license (GA 5, permanent license) back into a software license (not sure if they want to, though).

Which could then be (re-)activated as “finalized” by the possible buyer, yet without the need for you to physically send them that finalized license on an additionally bought (!) USB eLicenser.

This way you could "theoretically"keep everything else on your current USB eLicenser, and still sell the full license (consisting of “old” and “new”, after license migration).

Did I get your problem right?
There currently seems to be no simple way to sell a migrated product license (Steinberg Licensing) without also selling its “older” (and finalized) base product license (eLicenser), which should usually reside on an USB eLicenser.


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The text from Steinberg says clearly you can not sell a license that has been upgraded to Steinberg Licensing, without the eLicenser that contains the base of that upgrade.

You also can not sell the eLicenser alone, without the upgraded license.

By doing this you create implicitly a second license, even if that can’t be upgraded again. So the eLicenser license and the license in the Activation Manager are tied together, as the text from Steinberg clearly says.

I finally opened a ticket on Steinberg’s support.
The answser just confirmed me the pain it is to sell a Groove Agent license which has been migrated from e-licenser to the ‘new’ Steinberg Licensing System :

  1. We must use a e-lecenser where the ‘Migrated License’ is registred. Even if the e-licenser is no more needed to use the migrated GA5.
  2. For the migrated GA5, we must fill the selling form from the selling expert and ask support to remove the license from your Steinberg Account. Without any confirmation of delay.

The last point introduce a heavy process which could seriously block any selling.

Totally crazy process, finally selling with e-licenser was far easier.

I hope that Steinberg will find a way to make this easier.

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Yikes …

One way out would be if Steinberg allowed you to “upgrade” a migrated eLicenser licence into a disabled eLicenser licence that does not activate anything. If you could do this to free you from the obligation to transfer the eLicenser licence (which would become a useless placeholder), it would make selling or transferring the licence much easier.

I’m in a similar position with my Backbone licence. I bought Backbone back in the Absolute 4 days. When I upgraded to Absolute 5, my Backbone licence became redundant, though I migrated it to Steinberg Licensing to be able to use Backbone on multiple computers before the Absolute 6 release.

Now that I’ve upgraded to Absolute 6, my Backbone licence is redundant. The hassle of transferring the migrated eLicenser licence makes it unattractive to sell, so I’d rather disable the eLicenser licence and just transfer the Steinberg Licensing licence.

Disabled eLicenser licences seem to be used for migrated expansions and for the migrated DNxHD plugin (I believe Avid insisted on this for the DNxHD plugin). I can understand why you are left with a working eLicenser licence for software, in case you need to go back to a legacy version, but the option to disable migrated eLicenser licences would be useful if that released you from the obligation to transfer the eLicenser licence if you part with the Steinberg Licensing licence.