Selling Nuendo 6 with NEK advice (moving to Cubase)

“Selling Nuendo 6 with NEK advice (moving to Cubase)” as you see i am contemplating selling my N6 license with NEK and moving to Cubase as i do not need surround features anymore …

my question is i have N6, NEK Cubase Music Tools, OMF, AES 31, Open TL all on one licenser … i have read and gone through the Steinberg transfer and removal of licenses from elicenser … i think i have to do the Multiple License transfer / removal from my account …

just looking for someone that has xeon the same thing … so i do not foul this up …

cheers john


If you are buying the full Cubase 7.5 version, then it will come bundled with a new USB-eLicenser key. You can sell your Nuendo 6 w/ NEK program to another individual and give them your current USB-eLicenser key with all of the Nuendo 6-related licenses on it.

In order to unregister your Nuendo 6 w/ NEK product from your MySteinberg account, submit a support request through your account online and provide the USB-eLicenser key number and specific product you want to unregister. We will then remove your registered products and email you back with further information. The new user will then be able to register the USB-eLicenser key number in their own MySteinberg account online.

Hope this helps!

I know that you weren’t advertising, but I could do with another license, if it was a suitable price. PM me if you are interested in talking.