semi funny random story

I was recording some acoustic guitar tracks. Just trying various voicings for a melody. Recorded for about 45 minutes. Went back to listen and there was this weird string buzz/distortion from time throughout the recording. It was driving me nuts … I check everything over, reconnect etc … recorded some more, no buzz … ok great. Record some more … F’N random string buzz/distortion.

Finally figured out my dog was in the room behind a desk quietly snoring.

Yes, but contributing pleasing harmonics… maybe there’s actually a plug-in for that?

Ah, yes … the Bob Katz K-9 monitor calibration system at work!


LOL, now that is funny!

Sample her and compose a “snore song”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great story! :laughing:

hey, that’s a great idea … start with the snores! She was doing this wimper thing, but of course she quit when I moved the mic to the other side of the room. It also sounds completely different with the mic right next to her. The effect of being across the room and probably vibrating something in resonance was really weird.

For those that are nuts enough to purposefully listen to a recording of snoreing :slight_smile:

JMCecil - I think you are blaming your dog but it is you who dozed off. :laughing:

kind of like kicking the dog when grandma farts! But, I am innocent I tell you! :mrgreen:

JMCecil - where’s the “Like” button? :slight_smile:



You have to lift the leg :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Reminds me about the lesson I learned while building the control room in my new house:
“Remember to install the acoustic tiles before installing The Mean ‘n’ Nasty ‘n’ Ugly ‘n’ Horrible Canary Dog”