Semi-Urgent help - missing files / playback issue

I had missing files that pointed to a location on my backup drive where I have no current project files. It’s possible I guess that for some reason Nuendo decided to use that drive as the media drive even though the project previously saved there was a just a backup project.

I managed to restore / relink an older version of the mix. It seems to have all files in that version linked and I now just have to go through and verify the entire mix again.

Two questions:

1. I have a couple of places where I get inconsistent choppy playback. Playback gets to this point and then starts skipping. But it’s inconsistent. It doesn’t skip the same way every time and sometimes it’s fine, like 1 time out of 8 perhaps. Any ideas of what might cause this and what a solution could be.

2. How do I make sure that any given project is pointing to the correct project folder AND correct audio folder? When I reopened some of my projects I was asked for where the project folder was but even after I selected it I was asked for the location of files. Missing files were never found of course but a lot of the ones I needed were still there.

I basically need to know where to look to make sure that any given project is pointing to the correct folder for audio files.

I found the problem for my playback issue…

iZotope Neutron 3 was automated and whenever there were a lot of settings changing, or bypass automating on/off, I would get drop outs.

I found this out by disabling all automation read in the automation panel, which solved the problem, then I re-enabled type by type until I got to inserts, then I disabled group of tracks at a time until I found the culprit.

So beware that this plugin may cause automation problems… apparently. If I find time I’ll see if it’s under particular circumstances or if it’s just in general.