Sempre Crescendo

I want to create a ‘sempre crescendo’ dynamic mark.
I Press Shift-D and type ‘sempre cresc.’ or ‘sempre crescendo’. In both cases Dorico writes only ‘cresc.’ on the score and ignores the rest.

Any hints about how can I create a ‘sempre crescendo’ dynamic mark?

You can add “sempre” as a prefix (or indeed a suffix if you prefer). It’s treated as a dynamic modifier, meaning if you wanted to show the crescendo as a hairpin, “sempre” would appear at the start by default but you could show it in the middle of the hairpin as well.

Thank you for your reply.

I admit that I do get frustrated with Dorico, things are almost never found intuitively and there is always a workaround that after getting the answer or reading the manual it does makes sense but it is a bit tedious that things do know work in a more intuitive way. The proof of this is that when I stop using a function for a while and I can’t recall it I can almost never find the way without having to consult the manual or the forum for the information. This happens to me with MaxMPS but never with any other music notation software.

Apologies for the rant, I know that this why this thread is for but I spent countless of hours to do the most basic function.

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I’ve found this type of thing to be a bit laborious as well. I don’t know what programming would have to go into this, but it would be so time-saving if there is a way if popovers in a future version of Dorico could be more intelligent; that is, when one types “sempre cresc” Dorico will be able to surmise that you wanted “sempre” to be automatically treated as a prefix, without having to poke around in the Properties panel.

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