Send a keyswitch while a note is sounding?

Hi all,
Quick question: How do I send a keyswitch to a VST while the note is sounding?


I don’t think you can as D4 is limited to “on events” and “off events” with no automatic way to trigger it while the note is sounding. This is a bummer for me too as I have quite a few libraries than need an event while sounding to trigger a fall, doit, etc. You can draw it in, but that quickly ends up being a lot of hassle. I’m definitely following this thread though to see if any others have a workaround for this!

Well, today I thought I had moments where triggering through the off events worked, since the switch is sent 10 ticks before the off event, right?
But this appears to cause problems with the next note, especially in passages without rests.

Maybe I’ll promote this to a feature request… :wink:


I just write them in as an ossia staff or separate staff assigned to the same instrument. They have said they intend to have a Keyswitch staff in the future where you can just write stuff without it showing on the score.

Yeah, that would work, but still feels like a workaround. Especially since the rest of the expression map workflow is working so well.
Once you have gotten the hang of it, of course… :wink:
Why not introduce some kind of timing parameter per articulation or something… :thinking: