Send a midi message when the song loads (before playing)

I have Live set up to queue up the next song 1 second after the previous song finishes - perfect.
Is there a way to send a MIDI message when the song loads but before I trigger playback?
I would like it to change the patch on my Helix and move to the next song on my iPad (I’m using OnSong to view music).
I can obviously send messages from a midi track once the song starts playing, but I’d love to be able to send messages “on load”.

In preferences, midi, disable chase events on start, this way everything in midi (and automation i believe) tracks witten on 1.1.1 is loaded as soon as song is poaded, before play.

Cheers, Ciro

Unfortunately that didn’t work, I’m on version
Is this a bug, or is there another way to achieve the same?

It should work, given the events you want to send are prior to or at the position the next Song starts.
It will locate to either 1.1.0, or the Song Start position; in either case, if you place your events at 1.1.0, and set “Chase Events on Start” to OFF, it should work.

Here’s a link to a short video on google drive.
Thank you for your help with this.


Oh - chase events does not work for notes, only for controllers, program changes, and sysex. Otherwise notes would keep droning.

OK, thank you. Let me see if I can use a program change to select the song in OnSong. How would I add a programme change command?

Either select “Program Change” in the MIDI Editor (double-click track event), or use Edit/MIDI LIst Editor.

That worked, thank you!