Send audio to multiple groups "Multing"

Hi all,

I was hanging with a buddy of mine who works in Pro Tools. He was telling me about a technique where he would send all his guitars to several different group tracks at the same time. Then he would give different treatment to each group and then mix these in. I was thinking about how to do this in Cubase and then realized that I had no idea how to.

Is this possible in Cubase?

You just use the sends of the audio track.

Instead of routing to a group, use Sends (then set the main routing of the audio channel to “No Bus”).

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Yes it is…

Hint:- use the sends :wink:

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Damn. Did not think of that.

Just tried it out and seems to work. You need to put each send at maximum then you can control the mix by adjusting each separate send.

Thanks guys.

What you -really- want is called ‘Multing’… a feature in every real mixing desk on planet earth. I’ve been screaming about for 10 years. It’s now one of the marquee new features in Nuendo as ‘Direct Routing’. Hopefully that means it will show up in Cubase @ some point before I die.

The whole ‘send’ thing is a kludge.


Hmmm. Why is it a kludge??

I’m not doubting you I just want to know why. I had suspected it was not the same technique.

You can also assign the track to a group channel, then use that group as the input source for multiple channels, but you need the multiple channels to be on input monitoring to hear itI too have been praying for it to work the way it dose in Protools for ages. It seems such a simple thing…if you’ve ever used an analog console.

The more I think about it, this does seem something that is lacking in Cubase. Wonder why Steinberg has not added this to Cubase 6?

Could be that this is major architecture changing for the way audio is routed. Would be worth the work.