Send/Aux Buses

Send/Aux Buses

I feel like my reverbs and delays are limited due to the fact that I can only have one insert per send. Having an actual bus so I can layer effects would be amazing because I could combine effects like a slight distortion after a delay or an EQ after a reverb. A simple way to quickly add this feature would be to enable sends as an input on stereo tracks! All you would need to do is then open a blank stereo track, set input to ‘send 1’, and now your stereo track is an aux bus and you could layer up to 8 insert Fx! This feature is on Auria Pro but I hate having to export between daws. I prefer cubasis 3 image

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Cubasis supports 8 individual inserts effects per track, and 8 global send effects.

Please let me know what you’re missing.

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I said, I can only have 1 insert per send. What if I want to add a cool stereo effect to my reverb or delay? I simply can’t with cubasis 3. We need to be able to stack effects with our sends and not be limited with 1 effect per send. What I’m missing is the capability of being able to stack effects and not be limited to 1 effect per send. If you have a way around this please let me know.