Send Crash Reports via Automated EMail for Steinberg to Analyze / Beta Testing

I say Steinberg should borrow a little nice feature of Ableton. After a crash, when it starts up it shows you a link to your crash file and has an automated email address “” that it uses to collect the information. Obviously this only parses the data received and does not have a human response.

Time and time again, after I send in my crash reports - Ableton fixes the issues within WEEKS on their beta releases! This helps solve a lot of bad plugin and hardware controller issues. I don’t even ever need to explain what happened or go to a forum, it just gets fixed eventually. With so many BILLIONS of combinations of PC hardware, this is invaluable information to make a more stable studio product.

And related to that, they should also create a BETA or INSIDER previews that you can run side by side of your other version. That also allows Ableton to collect crashes in the BETAs as well as stable versions.