Send effect vs insert question

I feel like its hard to get a lot of reverb when using it as a send effect (yes I do have the mix at 100%). If there is a small part in a song that I want drenched in reverb I always have to use it as an insert. Thinking about it would you theoretically only get an effective max of 50% if you use reverb as a send since you got the dry channel and the reverb channel going at the same time? Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Hi, well - hard to say, since we do not know what you expect to hear. What is too much and too little reverb in “your ears”?

Since you can manipulate the channel volume of the dry signal, the send level to the reverb-fx-channel and the channel volume of your wet signal your assumption that you could only get an effective max of 50% of the reverb is simply wrong.

Imho you would be the first person I ever heard of (in almost 30 years) that cannot get sufficient reverb via send / fx-channel.

If you still have an issue i would suggest that you post your exact settings (send level, pan settings on dry channel and send!), etc. et.

HTH Ernst

I think it’s the classic case of “one knob vs two knobs thing”, “two knob thing”( turning down dry ch and wet up requires certain gain staging, some cases adding gain plugin to send). With “one knob” the dry/wet does it for you. Just remember that in latter technique, the dry channels volume is decreasing in the mix.

Try use the send as a pre-fader. That way you can balance the signal better between the dry and wet. Should end up getting a similar result to the mix knob when used as an insert.