Send effect with more than one effect

Hello all,

is there a way to have more than one effect in a send?
Or must I configure the mix like what I want to have in the send channel, mix it down and then use insert effects on the mix down?


The empty square under the first send effect lets you add more…
(At the bottom of the send effects list in the screenshot)

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In my understanding these are all sends with only one effect.
Please correct me if I m wrong.
What I m looking for is a send with an effect chain.


Hello! If you mean “1 send to chain of many fx” - I use Drambo + its own Delay / EQ / Compressors / Filters / Reverbs etc. (as Insert or Send).

Sure it is not the same. Sad, but Drambo / MiRack doesn’t support AUv3 hosting in AUv3 mode.

Also, there are MixBox solution, but I can’t say that I am big fan of their prices… Every internal module - costs…

Hi @Tim_Goehring

The insert and send effects of Cubasis allow to assign one effect per slot.


Thanks for your help. A multi effect is an idea, but not really what I had in mind