Send effects: track gets too loud


is this a normal behaviour? When I turn down the wet/dry mix of a send effect to 0% wet and 100% dry, the whole track gets louder - even too loud. So the signal gets overdriven just because I turn down the send effects to zero.

I’ve tried it with different reverb and delay effects from the FX Pack 1 and the internal effects.

Hi Zurp612,

So far we are unaware of issues in this area.
Please let us know the exact steps to reproduce the problem, using our bug report form below.

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I have the same issues in Cubasis 2 and Cubasis 3.2…

Hi arakatak,

Please let us have a detailed report, using the steps above.


Hi Lars,

Done one year ago on Cubasis 2 forum.
Tracks getting louder using FX send when I move the blue slider to the right, for me it’s supposed to increase FX not the volume of the track, you said that it was normal.