Send Functionality

Hello, I just upgraded to Cubase 7 on my Mac.
I’m am enjoying the changes other than one or two…
I am sooo used to double click parameters and keying in the value manually. i.e volume -10 db, pan -50, eq, sends +2db, everything in cubase and in every plug I use, I key in values. I very rarely use the mouse to slide to the value I want.

Everything works exactly the same as far as that goes except one really annoying one… The send feature.

First of all… I want to key in the value of how much send I want. I don’t want to have to slide to exact values with my mouse every time I want to match send levels. and I also don’t necessarily want to have all of those said values at 0.00 db (default send level function). So I need a fix or a hot key some how to bypass Cubases’ function of opening the 1st plugin in the fx chain when double clicking. (again double clicking just opens the ability to key in a value on every other parameter)

When I double click (just like on every other value) I want to be able to key in that value. And I much preferred the “E” button to bring up the first plug in in the fx send chain rather than this new change to double clicking.

2nd item, is smaller. But there is no color change or any real indicator (that I am aware of) to show the the state the send is in, i.e post or pre. You can right click and say “post” or “pre” but there is no color change or indicator anywhere else to show that this has been done. Granted its not a huge deal to just right click and see the state. But I am very used to Cubase 5, 6, and 6.5 showing me quickly in the mixer section or in the channel view that the send was bypassed, pre, or post (by the button being orange rather than blue gray).

If I am missing something that will help me with these 2 items please let me know, but otherwise I am rather enjoying the new update… Will take a bit of getting used to visually. But I like the functionality.

Thank you

Had me stumped as well. Hit the return button when the focus is on the send you want to edit, then you can just enter a number.

Fantastic! Thank you. And I figured of the post pre thing. That subtle little triangle. Thanks Dude!

I wish the sends could be copied using drag and drop too, as with the plugs…

since they advertise “Full Drag and Drop in the mixer” why aren’t the sends drag and drop???

also the copy/paste send thing does not work on my system, the graphics work, but no signal is sent to the buss.

yep :frowning:

Thanx for the ‘Hit Enter’ tip. It works, although I prefered the double click funtionality.
I also don’t care much for the glossy buttons and the flimsy menu to chose my FX from (but I love the search though)