Send FX & FX Channel tracks

I’m a beginner, and on my way of making my first track I’m using reverb as a send effect (i created an FX track) because I want to apply it to different tracks. But what if I want to use the same reverb (roomworks) but with different presets? Obviously if I alter the reverb preset in the FX track it will affect all the tracks routed to it the same way. Would i need to create a new FX track for each reverb preset I want to use?

I hope I made myself clear

Indeed, yes. You understand correctly. Note that the same preset at different send levels can produce a different effect- e.g., to place an instrument farther or closer to the listener can be a matter of raising or lowering the send level, rather than changing the character of the reverb.

I see, thank you very much. I’d probably better not use too many different presets then. I guess it could also harm the uniformity of the whole mix