Send Midi of current selected track

Hi there,
I’m working on a Lemur template that displays different incoming MIDI messages. I’m trying to do this on a track-basis. This means if I select a track, Lemur would display the MIDI of this track. I’ve pretty much tried everything I could think of (MIDI Sends, Pre-Post, and so on…). I thought maybe someone on this forum has already thought about this and found a workaround ?
Thanks in advance!


To send the MIDI data out, you have to playback the project. You can’t do it offline. So I can’t imagine, how to show the MIDI data of the selected track immediately once you select it.

Hey Martin!
Thanks for you answer. Of course I want to get the midi during playback. The problem is, if I have two or more tracks and only one midi output, I’d like to send only the midi of the selected track to the output. Do you think this is possible ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Steinberg DESPERATELY needs to overhaul the MIDI routing in Cubase. That’s one area where Live KILLS Cubase and all other DAWS really.