Send midi patch changes to Quad Cortex


I want to programme midi patch changes for my next live set but I don’t really understand how it works in cubase. I need to change between scenes and presets etc.

I did try this before by having the other guitarist send me a previous sets midi info that we programmed via his MacBook/logic, but as I dropped it into the session it didn’t send any messages to my quad.


First you need to find out what exactly the receiving device needs to receive. Only a ProgramChange? Or also BankSelect? If so, only BankSelect MSB or also LSB?

In Cubase you can create a midi track, create a part on that track. Now there are two editors you can use to proceed: Key and List Editor.
In the Key Editor change the lower lane from displaying Velocity to ProgramChange. You can now draw in program changes in that lane directly.
If you have to send ProgramChange and BankSelect it might be easier to use the List Editor.
In this editor you have to first select what kind of event you want to create (upper marked area), then draw that event on the desired position. To select the correct value of the program modify column “Data 1”.

To insert BankSelect you’d change the “Insert Event Type” to Controller and create one or two of those. Usually they have to be placed before the program change event. It totally depends on the device that is supposed to receive this what exactly needs to be created here.

Thanks for this, the main thing I’m struggling with here is finding out how to get the windows up in the images you have attached. I have no idea what MSB or LSB are either.

If it helps, on the track inspector I have the correct channel - I’m able to select the setlist via the bank control and even the preset via the programme change. What I’ll mainly need to do is figure out CC messages which I assume will be my scene changes and then finally tie all that in with putting the midi notes in the correct area of project as I’m matching this to a bounce of our setlist click track/tracks.


Ok so I’ve figured out how to get all this up now, only issue it seems is that the messages are all back to front and I don’t know how to navigate.

Unless I have the setlist loaded on startup there isnt anyway to bank select. After that in the list editor, programme changes when scrolling through just shoot to random presets that arent being used in the patch.
CC changes (which to navigate in the quad cortex should be set to 32) dont do anything other than when i get to 35 does it start to then change my scenes, the data 2 selector doesnt change any values.

Very confusing stuff


MIDI CCs 0 and 32 are Bank Select MSB and LSB. These allow any instrument to use more than 128 patches.

Ok, I found this manual for your device. Starting on page 93, section “Incoming MIDI” they describe what is necessary to send.

In Cubase I would not advise to use the Inspector in your specific case for setting up anything but the correct midi output and channel number.
For anything else, create a part on a midi track, select it and open the List Editor from the MIDI menu. Then create the necessary midi events there.

Referring to example 1 in the manual…

…it would look like this in the List Editor:


All sorted now guys thanks for the help!