Send multiple Fx to a single group only

I have a single clean audio track that I am sending to 3 separate effects channels. the idea is I have some VST/Eq that I wish to process slightly differently on each of the 3.
I wish to send these 3 on then to a group, where I can control the volume. When I try this though the FX channel sends to the group, but also to “Stereo Out”, I only wish it to go to my group channel and then to Stereo Out.
Can this be done? (I know I can create 3 tracks with the same audio and drop in the VST and then group, but that seem messier?)


Ok figured it out! Routing options in the Mix Console, removed the route to Stereo for those channels!

you can mark the topic as solved…

Exactly: sending is not the same as routing. But you can setup routing not only in the mix console. You can do it in the channels controls too. I guess you keep sending signal from the FX channels, removing routing to st out. But you can work directly without sending and just routing all three to the group channel.

that is what he did…
turning off the route to the stereo in the FX channels solved his issue…
btw… the channel control window is just a different view of the mixing console (just for one channel)