Send one output from Superior Drummer 3 to a group track?

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I’m really confused trying to do that, I have a vst instrument with multiple outputs (Superior Drummer). I want to process the kick coming out of that instrument individually, so I read online that you can create a MIDI channel send that kick to an output received by the MIDI channel. So I created that MIDI channel:

I copied the MIDI notes from the main Superiord Drummer, so I can listen to the instrument on the MIDI and then leave out everything but the kick.

But I don’t even have the Channel Settings window button available on that MIDI channel so how can I process it individually? Also, more importantly, what I wanted to do is send that Kick sound to a group with the bass and process them together. How is it possible to do so?

Thanks in advance for any help

EDIT: Raino here did help me to set it up, but for Superior Drummer 3, sending one instrument (for example the kick) to a dedicated channel in Cubase will only get you the raw sound, if it’s processed within SD by being sent to other channels within SD, you can’t get the complete processed sound. Does anybody know if there’s a way around it? For now I just duplicate the entire vst channel and solo the kick…

Thanks in advance

Unless I’m missing something, you don’t need a separate MIDI Track for the Kick. You should be able to include the MIDI for all the drums on the same Track.

What you want to do is have the Audio for your Kick sent to its own separate Audio Output so you can individually process the kick sound. I don’t have Superior Drummer but on the Cubase side it is the same for any VSTi. That said you may need or want to do some setup internal to SD.

I’m using BFD3 which includes 8 Stereo & 16 Mono Outputs. By default only the first Stereo Pair is available in Cubase. To see any of the additional in the MixConsole you need to enable them in the Track’s Inspector. As you can see I’ve enabled 3 Stereo & 2 Mono Outputs. Once selected these Outputs will be in the MixConsole. Internal to BFD3 I can change the Output’s names to something descriptive. I suspect SD lets you do the same. Also you may need to enable Outputs internal to SD for them to show up in Cubase. So if you don’t initially see them available in the Inspector check the SD documentation on how to setup additional Outputs. They will probably just be there in Cubase, but if not…



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Also similar to the way a rack synth works by stacking voices on the same track, or breaking them out.

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Thank you very much for your detailed explanation!
I tried it this way but my mistake was I didn’t look for the new channel in the mixer
Thanks for the easy fix

Unfortunately I’m learning that it’s much more complicated than that, because SD does processing to the individual drums on different channels, so if you just route the kick you’ll get only the raw sound, I’m not sure if there’s a solution for that… but of course it’s specific to SD and not to Cubase

Thank you very much

Hopefully someone who is familiar with how SD works will chime in. I can’t imagine they won’t let you send the processed sound to a specific audio output.

I’d suggest changing your tropic’s title from “vst instrument” to “Superior Drummer” as bait

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I just did it thanks Raino!