Send pan won't follow pan automation


I’m on 10.0.50 Windows. I have a track that has linked-panning turned on. Send #2 leads is in use. I added pan automation. When I play the track, the send-pan doesn’t follow the automation. If I jump arround with Num± (when not in playback) then Send-pan would sometimes “adopt” - to be more correct, it will change Send-pan to the value of the latest pan-automation point that has terminator=yes (!) When playing, the SEND pan won’t change…

Seems like a bug (?)


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I’m not with Cubase now… But this rings a bell to me somehow. There was something… Make sure the Write Automation is enabled on the linked Pan too, please. Just show the automation track of the Send Panner and make sure Automation Write is enabled.

Does it help?

Hi Martin,

What you describe is definitely related - in fact that’s how I discovered the problem. I’m usually not using write-automation as I’m more often automating manually and only rarely do I “record” the automation (the latter needs write-automation to be enabled, the former is not). I only recently started using “linked panners”, and when I happened to record a panning automation with “write automation” enabled, I noticed that cubase actually created two panning automations - one for the “main” track pan and one for Send #2 panning (send #2 happened to point to an effect track).

Seems to me this hints the implementation of this “feature” is somewhat strange or buggy - consider the following two scenarios:
(1) What if I happen to work manually without having write-automation enabled?
(2) Even if I would always have write-automation enabled, what if after I already added a pan automation I am adding a new SEND? Will Cubase automatically duplicate the pan automation I already have?

The answer for both of these questions is “no” (I checked it)


Need to bring up this subject again, as it messes with all my parallel busses that have pan automation on them.

Made a really rough example video.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks! Sebastian


All you described works as specified in Cubase.

Well… I stopped linking between the two. Saying that this “works as specified in Cubase” means that you do not consider this specific usability and functionality problem important enough - which is, hey, fair enough. It’s not the end of the world, but for me it just doesn’t work reasonably, so I won’t use it. Too bad. If I need to control the send pan, I will explicitly control it.


Because it works as specified, it’s not a bug. Please add Feature Request tag.

Sorry for jumping in. The very same thing happens in Cubase 11.
Not sure but it can’t be “by design” since there is not even a hint in manual about “write” button. I used this feature in version 5 (long ago) and everything worked (even manually).

I just noticed I was asked to add a Feature Request tag. I’m not sure if it matters whether it is a “bug” in the implementation or a bug in the design/usability (the latter is IMHO the case), but anyways, I do not know how to add tags to that thread…

What the ■■■■!?

Just got that the pan is not following the automations!
No sens there!

You must fix that (even if you say that it is not a bug), it is a design issue.


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