Send panning not showing in Cubase Pro 10

Hi all,

I am attempting to pan my FX channel sends in Cubase Pro (10.0.20).

I open my “e” channel, and click the Panning tab under Sends. Despite the fact that there is indeed a send listed in the Destinations portion of the Sends tab, there is no option to pan when I click over to the Panning tab. It is completely blank.

Sorry if this has been covered previously but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Just tried updating to 10.0.50. No luck… :neutral_face:

Aaaaand my problem was solved when I realized what an idiot I am.

I had not created the FX channel as a stereo in. *hides head in sand

I do stupid things so you don’t have to, folks.

Have a good evening :wink: