Send Pre- vs Post-fader - how to tell?

This might sound like a dumb question, but after using Cubase for years it still confuses me. Plugins loaded as Sends can be either Pre- or Post-Fader, indicated by an icon that looks like a half-moon with a dot next to it flipped either left or right.

The trouble is, the icon doesn’t “look” like anything I recognize as part of a signal path, so how do I tell which is Pre- and which is Post-? Maybe someone can explain what the icon is supposed to look like?

Fortunately I don’t often change it from the template, but if ever I do, I get confused, and literally have to do A-B comparisons while sliding the fader up and down to figure out which is enabled. Which of course I forget by the next time. Any mnemonic tips or explanation of the iconography welcome, thanks.



Hi there!
Look how the Post Fader icon looked in an older Cubase version:

In Cubase 11, the half-moon represents the fader and the dot the pre (before the fader - if it’s on the left) or post (after the fader - if it’s on the right) signal.


Can’t resist to add two comments…

  1. The fact that the OP had to create a thread to decrypt the pre/post fader iconography shows that obviously, something is wrong in the symbols used and @alin89c screenshot clearly demonstrate it. Sure, the ‘half-moon’ can recall the half-side of a knob, but precisely, a fader is not a knob…

  2. maybe I’m underestimating the work needed, but it shouldn’t been rocket science to make the tooltips more informative : instead of Pre-/Post-Fader in both cases, I think it would be better to see EITHER Pre-Fader OR Post-Fader

My two cents on the subject…


And for all that have difficulties to see the icons, somebody added colors…
You can configure your own pre or post send colors.

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Thanks everyone, this is very helpful.