Send routing question


  1. I have an audio channel, which sent to two FX send, FX1 and FX2.
  2. Now I would like to send the FX1 Send to FX2 via its send, also FX2 to FX1 via its send.
  3. My problem: in FX1 Send dropdown the FX2 appears, but at FX2 dropdown I can not select FX1 at all, also not any other Send.



Cubase tries to make sure you can’t set up a feedback loop in your routing, unless you can patch this physically with multiple ins and outs I don’t think you can do it.

This is exactly what I want… a feedback loop which I can control manually !!!

Pro Tools mixer allows this… shame.

Actually there are some free vsts that will allow you to do basic feedback…you might take a look at Senderella, but it’s not 64bit so no idea how the bridge or Jbridge will deal with it.
Also I don’t think it allows the 2 way feedback you are describing

Plogue Bidule is a more complex and paid solution that should do any routing you want…I think Blue Cat Patchwork will also do it.

Would be great if steinberg could make a plugin for this. Add warning msg to it to keep the new users safe, and the power users creative.