Send Stereo Output / Groups to 2 different Destinations?

I’m using Cubase as a mixer when I do live streams, and long distance jamming on JamKazam. I’d like to send my cubase mix to the normal outputs (1&2 in my Apogee Ensemble soundcard) and I’d also like to send the exact same mix simultaneously to either output 3&4 or an alternate headphone output. Sounds simple but it’s not something I’ve been able to find.

The reason for this is that when I live stream/JamKazam, I’m sending my output 1-2 to a 2nd audio interface (MixPre10T) and use the MixPre10T as the audio interface for streaming. It’s the only way I can get latency free mix with effects from Cubase. The issue is that in that mix, I also get the syatem sounds. Everything in my headphones goes to the MixPre10T, so when I’m jamming in JamKazm, It’s sending out my Cubase mix along with what I hear from the other person I’m jamming with ling distance. So I’f I could hear everything as normal in my headphones, including my system sounds and the audio from my jamming partner, AND send only my Cubase mix to output 3-4, or maybe Headphone 2 on my Apogee, that would be ideal. And in case you’re interested, you can actually play music with someone now over the internet without latency, using JamKazam! Not only that, within the app you can record your jams and mix them later, at 24 bit 48k - including video. It’s amazing. It’s free too. But I need a clean Cubase output without system sounds going through so send out while I monitor my buddy in the normal outputs.

Is this possible?


Yes, use Control Room.

turn the system sounds off?

Now if we just once again knew what software you are using…
for groups check its manual for “direct routing” and as said before: control room - if your software has it.