Send System Message to external device...

Hello guys, i’m going mad because of common and real-time messages. I have a MOX8 (Yamaha) and i need to change song by sending a “System Common” message (F3H). I’m new to this kind of programming . However I realized how to send Sysex messages (Mode Change, for ex.) but can’t figure out how or where i have to write and send System Common Messages to my MOX. I can’t use the SysEx Editor because this kind of messages starts with F0 and allow 7F (127) as biggest number, while i’ve to enter F3 (243)…Does anyone know how to send Status and Data byte in cubase AI? Thank You…

I know this thread is from 2014 but I have exactly the same question and this doesn’t have an answer to it. Is it possible to send System Common song change midi messages from Cubase Pro 11? I want to send out to my Beatstep Pro.

Cubase is known for its extended MIDI functionalities. AFAICS, in this case, something is obviously missing as indeed, there is no direct way to send a message starting with 0xF3 :

  • The MIDI SysEx editor doesn’t allow it. The F0/F7 values included in any message are hardcoded somewhere : no editing or deletion is possible.
  • Unless I missed something well hidden, among all the MIDI plug-ins bundled with Cubase, there isn’t just a single one able to transmit MIDI system common messages : all is about CC ones…
  • The list editor doesn’t allow to add a custom MIDI message : there is a Text option, but entering directly hexadecimal values in it isn’t possible. Same thing for the Controller one : it isn’t possible to start a CC message with a first byte value > 127.

Maybe two hints, though :

  • the device panels : they are accessible in the MIDI device manager, after having created a device and opened it. Maybe there is a way to send custom MIDI messages this way. I’m not a specialist of them, though…
  • In the list editor, there is an SMF (Standard MIDI file) option among the different event types that can be draw. So, maybe by creating different SMF with only the relevent hexa values, but the documentation is almost useless about eventual SMF events usage…

Overall, something is obviously missing, here. Worth a feature request with high priority, IMO, at least, to change the MIDI Sysex editor to a full MIDI system common messages one, as Sysex messages are a specific type of them. In it, we should have a kind of dropdown menu which would allow the user to choose among these different message types (each one having a different starting byte) :

  • Sysex
  • Quarter frame
  • Song position pointer
  • Song request (selection)
  • Tune

Cannot say much more on the subject, sadly… :disappointed: